Lento Portable High Efficiency Solar Lanterns

These solar lanterns are popular in villages and remote areas, for use on farms, for use in camping and for use by hawkers as well as stand by in city homes.

Affordably priced, Lento solar lanterns provide vital light source for households in remote locations and have helped thousands of women in their household chores as well as to do some embroidery and supplement their income. Children too can study by night with the help of Lento lanterns. Lento solar lanterns give about 4 to 6 hours of light on a single full charge. These lanterns are pollution-free, based on microcontroller circuitry with highest efficiency figures and are virtually fail-safe.

Lento solar lanterns have proved so useful that even city dwellers keep one as standby in case of power failures and to provide a light source when they go trekking or camping.

Features and advantages of Lento Solar Lanterns

  • Portable, light weight, easy to connect and use
  • Uses sealed lead acid, maintenance-free 12v/7Ah SMF battery
  • SMD LED consume less power but high light output of over 110 lumens/watt with facility to set low and high intensity
  • Aesthetic, ergonomic design with ABS Body, acrylic lens and handle
  • Aesthetic, ergonomic design with ABS Body, acrylic lens and handle
  • High efficiency compact SPV Charging unit with silicon crystalline cells
  • High performance, high efficiency (over 85%) microprocessor based electronic circuitry with automation to control charging and deep discharge, on-off switch, fuse and mobile charging socket with indicators for battery charging, battery fully charged and battery deep discharge
  • Fully protected against over charge, reverse polarity of battery and solar module as well as deep discharge
  • Charge controller disconnects load if battery voltage falls below 11V and reconnects when battery voltage reaches 12.5V, provides constant charging voltage of 14.5V.
  • Idle current consumption is less than 1 mA

Product Description

Lento’s portable, high efficiency solar lantern is the outcome of intensive research and development. The solar lantern conforms to and exceeds MNRE specifications. It has been built to be affordable but it is rugged, highly durable, requires minimum maintenance and has an extremely long life span.

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