Sine wave Technology

Lento pioneered pure sine wave technology in its inverters, UPS and power supplies. Our Sine wave inverters output stable frequency and voltage, mimicking mains power supply, making it perfectly suitable to power expensive equipments, especially inductive loads that do not work well on square waves. Sine wave technology also does away with annoying RF interference due to absence of harmonics and ensures longevity of expensive equipments.

Unlike other technologies that rely on quasi Sine wave, Lento technology is pure Sine wave and output from inverters conforms to mains power supply in terms of frequency and voltage. If you plan to power air conditioners, computers, refrigerators, microwaves or any electronic equipments, your best bet is to go with Sine wave technology to ensure reliable operation. Even for fluorescent tubes and fans, Sine wave works better because all these equipments, whether electronic or electrical, are primarily designed to run on Sine wave power. Our sophisticated digital state of art circuitry guarantees Sine wave frequency and voltage output within closely specified parameters.

Square Wave: Very old style Inverter. OK for Bulb Loads. Not good for other appliances like Tube Lights, Fans, coolers and motors etc.

Quasi Sine Wave: In basic it is square wave inverter, but at low load conditions the circuit in this type of inverters cuts some part of the square wave. Good for Bulbs. Not good for other appliances like Tube Lights, LED lights, Fans, coolers and motors etc

Trapezoidal Wave : There is no inverter in the mass market which is able to supply the trapezoidal waveform. This type of waveform is still better than Square wave and Quasi Sine Wave. Some brands claim of it’s Inverter a Trapezoidal Wave Inverter which is a false claim.

Microcontroller Based or Digital Inverter : This in basic is a Square wave Inverter only. The difference is that the control in this type of inverters is done by microcontroller. Increased reliability of inverter but still not safe for appliances.

Microcontroller Based Pure Sine Wave: inverters are not pure sine wave as they claim it is. It gives low battery backup and it is very costly. Also these inverters create a very irritating high frequency noise which is very much disturbing.

DSP Based Sure Sine Wave : This is the world’s latest technology Inverter manufactured by Lento. This inverter is having all the advantages of Sine wave Inverter with backup time equal to square wave inverters. It creates no sound in load and in inverter. This gives exact replica of A C main which is best suited for all kind of electrical appliances as all appliances are design to operate on this. This increases the appliances life span in terms of operation life.

Lento Statements

  • Lento is driven by research and development to develop innovative, future-proof products that are aligned with markets and requirements of end users.
  • Lento today is on the threshold of greater expansion into a diverse range of products in power and energy.Each of our products is made up of hundreds of components.
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