Our Plants

Lento boasts of state of art manufacturing facilities in a modular and well organized workflow environment. We have well organized sections segregated into.

  • Input section where components are received and batch tested;
  • PCB design and manufacturing section where our engineers use CAD stations to design PCBs and these are later translated to PCBs. We use only glass epoxy boards for high reliability;

  • Assembly section with pick and place equipments for SMT and SMD, and wave soldering units in a highly automated, high speed process that gives us high production capabilities with consistencies and reliabilities built into the process. This is the heart of our manufacturing unit producing populated PCBs for solar systems, for inverters, UPS, SMPS and LED lights. We have opted for SMT and SMD resistors, capacitors and chips for compact form factor, fast manufacturing and high reliability as well as cost efficiency.

  • Quality check division to check sub-assembly boards.

  • Sheet metal unit where outer cabinets are manufactured and powder coated for long life.

  • Final assembly and test section where each product undergoes 24 hour burn, overload, temperature and humidity tests according to international norms before being passed for dispatch.

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Lento Statements

  • Lento is driven by research and development to develop innovative, future-proof products that are aligned with markets and requirements of end users.
  • Lento today is on the threshold of greater expansion into a diverse range of products in power and energy.Each of our products is made up of hundreds of components.
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