Other Customized Lights

Product Description

Lento has engineering and design capabilities as well as wealth of knowledge when it comes to providing power and lighting solutions. Lento can design and deliver a variety of customized lighting solutions for specific applications.

Our custom light solutions using CFL, LED, halogen or metal halide lighting covers: :

  • Custom lights for lighting up architectural monuments, temples and building facades in interesting, colorful patterns
  • Custom lights for shop windows to attract customers
  • Custom lights for small or large area lighting with use of appropriate fixtures and controllers
  • Custom lights for warehouses, compounds, gardens
  • Custom lighting chandeliers using multicolor LEDs to provide sparkle and glitz to interiors

  • Our engineers can design lighting from the aesthetic perspectives and also from energy angle. Whatever your lighting requirement we are here to deliver solutions that save energy, provide perfect lighting for the purpose and save money in the long run.

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