Lento Telecom power supply

Product Description

Lento offers superior, sophisticated telecom power supply to meet the needs of modern telecom companies. Our design and engineering capabilities come to the forefront in developing telecom power supplies. Today’s telecom industries use AC as well as DC power with modern equipments drawing AC while legacy equipments run on DC. This is a challenging environment where the highest reliability is required to assure uninterrupted operations. Lento rises to the challenge and presents its uniquely developed Telecom Power Supplies for this segment.

We offer modular telecom inverters and telecom UPS with an emphasis on 24x7 operations. In addition our expertise is at your disposal for remote line powering and off grid powering.


  • Inverters from 1 KVA to 200 KVA running from 12 V to 60V DC with inbuilt redundances
  • Modular UPS with shortest switchover, high reliability and facility for remote monitoring including LAN, SNMP and GSM modules (SNMP technology for total management of telecom power supplies)
  • Telecom inverter for upcoming 4G technologies in India
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