LED based Emergency Lights

Product Description

Lento LED emergency lights look stylishly sleek and have performance to match looks. Lento offers different models of LED based emergency lights starting with a sleek torch with ultra bright LEDs that deliver a powerful beam of light from the reflector at front and a side array of switchable LEDs to light up workplaces. The torch can be kept upright and battery is positioned to give it stability. A step up is a more powerful, higher light output portable and compact model based on the solar lantern with the difference being that here the rechargeable battery is charged through mains based charging unit built into the base. Another stylish model is practically the same except that it has different looks and has more number of LEDs for even higher light intensity and a powerful rechargeable battery.


  • Unbreakable ABS case, ergonomic, stylish, available in a range of colors and designs
  • High efficiency SMD LEDs
  • SMF rechargeable battery
  • Integrated mains based charging unit
  • Portable, lightweight, easy to carry about
  • Durable with guaranteed performance
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