Automotive Batteries

Salient Features*

  • Body made of high grade PP/ABS with exceptional sealing and venting systems
  • Premium grade plate for consistently high starting currents over the life of the battery

Product Range

  • In lento we provide the automotive batteries starting from 40Ah to 170Ah.

Product Description

Mainly used for starting, lighting and ignition (SLI) Lento automotive batteries are the perfect match for today’s high performance modern cars on Indian roads. Ruggedized for local conditions, Lento batteries assure quick starts in any weather and an extended life Our Product range has been designed for high cranking current delivery for starter engine that includes petro as diesel both variants. These dry charges batteries are factory charged and may be stored for more than 6 months of shelf without losing dry charged property. For installation in vehicle, they are required to be activated by adding the electrolyte (Acid) and the battery is ready to roll without any bench charging. The batteries are guaranteed against any manufacturing defects and a long lasting service is assured.

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