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  • solar inverters

    MPPT Inverters

    MPPT Solar Inverters are a next generation solar inverters, High efficiency MPPT technology ensure 20% to 30% more solar power harvesting from the same capacity solar panels as compare to other technology. Its state of the art design and intelligent control optimizes the yield of all PV installations in residential, Offices,rural and other remote installations with very poor or no grid availability.

  • Industrial Inverters

    Industrial Inverters

    Most appliances like CFL, fans, motor based equipments like air conditioners and pump sets are designed to work on 50 Hz sine wave. Running such equipments on unregulated quasi sine wave-square wave based inverters poses a risk as regards performance and durability. Lento DSP sine wave Static UPS and inverters are designed to provide stable 50 Hz sine wave irrespective of load and battery voltage, making them the most suitable for inductive, capacitive and non-resistive loads.

  • Inverters

    On grid Inverters

    It can adapt to complex to power grid, extent the grid connected generation time.
    Lento Grid Tie Solar Inverter is designed to convert solar electric (photovoltaic) power into utility-grade electricity that can be utilized by the home or sold to the local power company.Advanced state of art electronics embedded inside the inverter ensures that maximum PV power is converted to AC and delivered to the Utility Grid .

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Home Inverters
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